Adult Learners

Ready to become the first choice for adults seeking economically vibrant futures through higher education? Whether it’s deploying adult learner outreach associates or designing rapid reskilling certificate programs, these strategies, college spotlights, and resources will equip your community college to support adults at every stage of their learning journeys.

90 Million Reasons to Prioritize Adult Learners

Roughly 90 million adults, or 22% of the U.S. population aged 18 or older, have not yet obtained a postsecondary credential. Approximately 45% of those people – nearly 40 million adults – started the journey but chose to stop before completion. Unlock your institution’s potential and champion life transformation by targeting this versatile audience.

Adult Learners Are Ready, Resilient, and Reachable

When Nikki Tam, wife and mother, found a flexible online program through Kingsborough Community College, she didn’t let anyone or anything stop her from enrolling and excelling. That included her reluctant spouse and a severe health condition. When colleges design their structures, processes, and cultures to support adult learners, they benefit from the diligence and commitment students like Nikki bring – from enrollment to completion.

  • “I want my daughter to know that she can accomplish more than she can ever imagine.”