Career-Focused Marketing Campaigns

February 12, 2024

Achieving the Dream

Targeted marketing campaigns that leverage local labor market data to communicate the potential value of specific programs can attract more adult learners, who are often looking for quicker programs that lead directly to family-sustaining wage careers. Leveraging local wage data, highlighting the college’s partnerships with local employers, and promoting shorter programs that lead to in-demand careers can attract more career-minded adults. Program-specific marketing campaigns can complement your overall college brand and reinforce your reputation as an adult learner-friendly institution.


  • Demonstrate how specific programs can lead adult learners to careers paying family-sustaining wages locally.
  • Increase awareness of the ranges of short-term credential programs that may fit more easily into adult learners’ lives.

Strategy Features

Market High Value, High-Demand Programs

Use labor market data to identify the programs that lead to high-demand careers that pay family-sustaining wages upon graduation.

Highlight All the Benefits of the Career

Marketing materials highlight both financial and other benefits of the career to which the program leads (e.g., starting salary/wage, future career opportunities, positive life experiences, non-wage financial benefits, etc.)

Leverage Current and Former Students’ Voices

Advertisement campaigns include videos or quotes from current students describing their experiences of the program along with graduates sharing their experiences transitioning into the career of their choice.

Implementation Tips

Place Advertisements in Relevant Locations

Consider where to find individuals who would be potentially interested in the program being advertised. For example, advertisements for health certificates could be located near hospitals and other health-related services.

Share Materials with Employers in those Industries

Employers working in the industry to which the program leads may be willing to share marketing materials with current employees looking to upskill in preparation for a promotion or different position.

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