February 15, 2024

Achieving the Dream

The HyFlex (hybrid flexible) course format is an instructional approach that combines face-to-face and online learning and allows students to choose the modality that works for them. This flexibility offers students, particularly adult learners who are juggling multiple responsibilities, more control over their learning experiences and an easier way to fit classes into their schedules. When done well, HyFlex courses can help increase enrollment and retention and reduce the time it takes students to complete their degree/certificate.


  • Provide adult learners with more flexible ways to integrate learning into their busy lives.
  • Offer education opportunities in rural or suburban areas without physical locations.

Strategy Features

Three Delivery Modalities

Each class session and learning activity is offered in-person, synchronously online, and asynchronously online.

Flexibility Between Modalities

Students can enroll in the course and choose the modality through which they want to engage for each class.

Implementation Tips

Clarify the “Why” and Provide Professional Learning for Faculty

Prepare faculty to effectively design and deliver courses across three modalities, which includes supporting their understanding of effective instructional design for asynchronous online learning, a less familiar approach than live teaching.

Prepare Outreach, Enrollment, and Advising Staff To Support Students

As students identify the courses and modalities that meet their needs, equip advising and enrollment staff with an understanding of HyFlex courses so they can help guide students who are new to the format.

Invest in the Required Technical Infrastructure

HyFlex approaches that offer high quality learning in all three modalities require specific technology infrastructure and tools to facilitate student engagement during class for each modality.

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